Open Gym

The kids waiting in line for the spring board. Every parent knows that it can be difficult to find things for the kids to do in the winter to keep them off video games, and get them moving. We found out that the local gymnastics club was having an open gym time so of course […]

A Kitchen Day

Ready to eatCauliflower dough Grocery shopping is always interesting with our kids. We had to go and restock a few things today, mostly produce because we were running low. The first thing Noah (6) does is chase Naomi (2) laughing down the main aisle as you walk into Walmart. We were able to stop Noah […]

Winter Play and Chores

After the fun and trimming. Being a rare beautiful, warmish winter day, I kicked the kids outside after lunch. There was no wind, so the snow was still clinging to some of the trees, though the sun had by then melted some of it off. The deal was that they had to be outside for […]


I have always been interested in food: it’s effects on our bodies, and the best way to fuel ourselves. This has become more important to me as a father. My job is not so much to put food on the table, but to put the right food on the table. After observing several different types […]

Train Wreck

Isaiah’s new train set. Our two year old daughter got her first hair cut…due to a toy train. The day started off like any other day. Madness, fights, and toys scattered about because it’s Boxing Day. Our youngest son’s new Thomas train set is set up in the living room adding much enjoyment in our […]

Christmas Cookie Decorating

The kids’ handiwork. It’s the morning of Christmas Eve, and all through the house everyone is stirring by 6:00 and some since 4:15. That means that we have lots of time to get chores done and we’ve already decorated cookies, which was supposed to happen later, but the kids saw the box sitting on the […]

Pay Parade

Mathias doing the vacuuming. One thing we have implemented in our home is a weekly pay parade. This is when the kids receive their allowance. It ends up being more like a pay cheque as they don’t get it if their chores have not been done for the week. Chore time around our house is […]

Hilarity on Ice

With winter and children comes skating. Mathias has been bugging us to go skating for a while, so we finally bought more skates and helmets so that all the boys would have some. We figured it would probably be safer for Naomi not to have any yet, and judging by all the flailing about, that […]


Cleaning? Ha! You know that feeling when you spent the day doing dishes and laundry, cleaning counters, two washrooms, vacuuming upstairs and down, disinfecting video game controllers and tablets, mopping, and preparing meals, just for your two year old to throw food around and laugh because she knows she’s cute? You’ve been there haven’t you. […]

Turn the Crazy Down

The kids in a kid pile. Controlled mayhem, that’s what we’re going for here. It’s not so much what we’re going for, it’s more just what happens. We are not hover parents by any means, nor are we authoritarian dictators. We are somewhere in between. Now I’d like to say there is a happy middle […]