Embrace Conflict

A rare moment of peace Being a parent is not about making every day awesome for your children. It’s also not about daily drudgery. Every moment of your life with kids will not be sunshine and rainbows, or screaming fits among fist fights. There are good days and bad days, and within the good days […]

Here’s To Coffee

Sometimes as a parent you have lots of time. Other times you have none. Everything revolves around time and the routines can change without warning whenever the children decide. We’ll be getting used to sleeping in until 6:30 am just to have one of the younger ones revert to a 5 am wake up. Noah […]


Cleaning? Ha! You know that feeling when you spent the day doing dishes and laundry, cleaning counters, two washrooms, vacuuming upstairs and down, disinfecting video game controllers and tablets, mopping, and preparing meals, just for your two year old to throw food around and laugh because she knows she’s cute? You’ve been there haven’t you. […]

Turn the Crazy Down

The kids in a kid pile. Controlled mayhem, that’s what we’re going for here. It’s not so much what we’re going for, it’s more just what happens. We are not hover parents by any means, nor are we authoritarian dictators. We are somewhere in between. Now I’d like to say there is a happy middle […]

When Will it End?

I’m going to start off talking about every parent’s favourite time of year. It extends from September straight through to about the end of April. The joys of back-to-school with the sales, new outfits, a long list of very specific items some of which you can’t buy where you live because its rural Alberta so […]