Tower Garden Update 2

Our Tower Garden with the pots all filled finally. We’ve finally been able to put our babies in the Tower Garden! Most of the starts are up and some are starting to put out their true leaves. Some of the cells are a little over populated, so we will be thinning later. We just want […]

Winter Play and Chores

After the fun and trimming. Being a rare beautiful, warmish winter day, I kicked the kids outside after lunch. There was no wind, so the snow was still clinging to some of the trees, though the sun had by then melted some of it off. The deal was that they had to be outside for […]

Gardening is Around the Corner

Our yard in winter. Winter is just officially beginning, and the new year is approaching. It’s an exciting time of year for us. There’s hoar frost on the trees and snow falling gently. It’s a winter wonderland, and I’m starting to think about the garden this year. In the fall I turned up some more […]

Tower Garden Update

Lettuce, kale, pea. Just a quick update on the Tower Garden. After only 5 days the first few lettuces and kale are up. There’s even a pea (top right) that must have the root started as it’s above the vermiculite. We’re so excited to watch as the rest sprouts up.

New Tower Garden

Mathias modeling the new Tower Garden Our Tower Garden arrived! When I first saw the boxes I figured it would be heavy, but not even the base was really heavy. It arrived in four boxes ten days after we ordered it. I could have opted to watch YouTube and try to build one from scratch, […]