Hand-made With Love

All kids love to have a special place to put their treasures. A friend of mine and his daughters like to collect rocks and paint them, then put them out front of their house. My two oldest boys liked having their own little plastic containers to keep things in, but they didn't provide much space. [...]

Sprouts 101

Sprouts (Sandwich Booster mix) after 3 days. The tails are starting to grow. One way to get fresh, nutritious plant-based food during the winter is to grow your own sprouts. This is something that we used to do routinely, but we let it fall out of use in our household for a while with all [...]

Christmas Cookie Decorating

The kids' handiwork. It's the morning of Christmas Eve, and all through the house everyone is stirring by 6:00 and some since 4:15. That means that we have lots of time to get chores done and we've already decorated cookies, which was supposed to happen later, but the kids saw the box sitting on the [...]

Pay Parade

Mathias doing the vacuuming. One thing we have implemented in our home is a weekly pay parade. This is when the kids receive their allowance. It ends up being more like a pay cheque as they don't get it if their chores have not been done for the week. Chore time around our house is [...]

Hilarity on Ice

With winter and children comes skating. Mathias has been bugging us to go skating for a while, so we finally bought more skates and helmets so that all the boys would have some. We figured it would probably be safer for Naomi not to have any yet, and judging by all the flailing about, that [...]

Here’s To Coffee

Sometimes as a parent you have lots of time. Other times you have none. Everything revolves around time and the routines can change without warning whenever the children decide. We'll be getting used to sleeping in until 6:30 am just to have one of the younger ones revert to a 5 am wake up. Noah [...]


Cleaning? Ha! You know that feeling when you spent the day doing dishes and laundry, cleaning counters, two washrooms, vacuuming upstairs and down, disinfecting video game controllers and tablets, mopping, and preparing meals, just for your two year old to throw food around and laugh because she knows she's cute? You've been there haven't you. [...]

Turn the Crazy Down

The kids in a kid pile. Controlled mayhem, that's what we're going for here. It's not so much what we're going for, it's more just what happens. We are not hover parents by any means, nor are we authoritarian dictators. We are somewhere in between. Now I'd like to say there is a happy middle [...]

New Tower Garden

Mathias modeling the new Tower Garden Our Tower Garden arrived! When I first saw the boxes I figured it would be heavy, but not even the base was really heavy. It arrived in four boxes ten days after we ordered it. I could have opted to watch YouTube and try to build one from scratch, [...]

When Will it End?

I'm going to start off talking about every parent's favourite time of year. It extends from September straight through to about the end of April. The joys of back-to-school with the sales, new outfits, a long list of very specific items some of which you can't buy where you live because its rural Alberta so [...]