It’s Going to Happen Anyway

Kids get hurt, and they get sick. This is an unfortunate reality of parenthood, and of life in general. There is no need to put a bubble around them and obsessively clean every surface of your home to the point of exhaustion. They will find ways to hurt themselves and become sick, it’s what they do.

There are a lot of people who stand to make money from parental fear. It is these people who stand to profit from your exhaustion and your anxiety. The global household cleaner market in 2016 was worth USD 25.5 B, and is on track to grow to USD 33 B. It is more difficult to pinpoint the worth of the child safety industry, because child care products include so many things including combs and diapers. A quick search of baby gates, though shows some over $200.

Why pay $200 when a large tote does the same job? A tote that you probably have anyway filled with Christmas stuff or extra baby stuff. At one point we had a piece of plywood set up.

If you want a prettier thing than a tote or plywood, go for it. What I’m saying is “don’t stress”. We had all those fancy things for our first kid . We had a heartbeat monitor in the crib that was supposed to sound an alarm if their heart stops beating. I spent a day baby proofing the lower cabinets. Guess what works if you have knobs on the cabinet doors? Scrunchies! By the time the child is strong enough and intelligent enough to crack the vault they’re ready to be trained. Just put the knives higher. Naomi lives half her life in my pot and pan cabinet. So what if the pots get dented. Take a picture and store the memory.

Girl in a canning pot.
Naomi sitting in a canning pot that she pulled out around 14 months old..

Most of us have a household full of different cleaning products for different surfaces. Most of them are bleach water or soap in a fancy spray bottle. You can do that yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Again, what I am getting at is that your choices are yours, just don’t over stress about things that are mostly out of your control. Kids getting sick is good for their immune system as it learns how to deal with contaminants. Yes, clean and protect your kids as you can, but they will be hurt and sick at some point. Noah has tripped out a door (don’t ask me how) and scraped his nose all up just before his 18 month shots. That was slightly embarrassing going into the health office like that. Don’t worry about the judgmental stares of other people, though. They don’t know you, your kids, or the circumstances. Don’t live your life to please others, working yourself to the bone.

Noah also walked into a doorway one time and bit through his bottom lip. That looked horrible in his soccer pictures that year.

What is worth the money is childcare first aid training, bandages, topical anti-biotics, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, baby powder, rash cream, etc (all generic, not name brand).

You can only prevent so much. Don’t stress, just be ready to deal with things as they happen.

Published by jrdobbin

I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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