Change on Change

The best laid plans can quite often go awry. While Rebecca was taking Mathias to get yet another tooth fixed, at exorbitant prices because Alberta dentists get to set their own rate, I was supposed to pick up some testing requisition papers from the doctor’s office and then go shopping. That was after dropping Noah off to school.

The doctor’s office normally takes calls starting at 8:00, so I figured I’d be able to pick up the papers then go shopping. Wrong, the office doesn’t open until 9:00, so change of plans, I’ll go shopping first.

Wrong! Isaiah started acting like he was going to be sick, so change of plans. Going home. Now I’ll have to do the shopping later, which pushes our plans for trying new recipes until even later. Good thing we don’t have soccer or gymnastics tonight.

Isaiah on the BRAT diet
Isaiah eating an apple – good for the tummy.

We’ve become so used to accomplishing nothing due to the variance of daily life. It is a fact as a parent, and it compounds as you add children to your clan. Some days the kids are just so terrible while you’re trying to shop that you have to cut it short and get the essentials. We usually restock things like diapers and wipes a week before we run out. I generally estimate about ten diapers a day, double in case of diarrhea or under six months.

Sometimes you need to leave an event early because kids get cranky. You’re not going to enjoy it if you’re trying to keep your child quiet the whole time, becoming more frustrated as you feel people’s eyes on you. Chances are most of those people sympathize, they’ve been there, but the feeling is still uncomfortable. I should know, Noah spent forty minutes at soccer last night crying because I forgot to pack a snack, and I’m the assistant coach.

Yes, there is a point where the parent pants have to come on, but sometimes you need to be understanding of your children too. You don’t want robot children, do you? There is no value in slowly perusing a section of a store while your child melts down, just so you can check the ingredient list on every single item. Chances are if it’s in a box or a plastic package it’s not good for you anyway, grab a bag of apples. Want gluten free? Get corn meal and rice, bash on.

We can also never predict sickness or body pains, or mood swings due to epilepsy or whatever the diagnosis has changed to. We’ve canceled so many plans and written off so many days just because of sickness and injury. Every visit to the doctor or ER (in our town the doctors are so overworked they don’t do walk-ins) takes at least two hours. We’ve spent an entire day at the ER due to just a stomach bug, in which case there is not medication anyway, so waste of time. In our defense the kids had been sick off and on for about three weeks, so we wanted to know if there was something else going on.

We no longer get so wound up over sudden changes in plans and routines. Why bother, it won’t change anything other than your blood pressure. Stuff happens.

What was that song from “Annie”? “The sun will come up tomorrow…”

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  1. Congrats to you both – being a single parent of 3 I didn’t take them out without help until much later-my Nanny did though! LOL

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