Alberta Separatism? Really?

Alberta's situation.
The long winter.

Apparently there is a growing separatist sentiment in Alberta. This worries me as a father and a Canadian. Looking ahead to how it would effect my children, I am faced with the fact that there would be irreparable damage done to my children’s future.

I live in Alberta, I love Alberta, and do not want Alberta to separate. Nothing good can come of separating this land-locked province, in which the economy and budget is based off one industry, from the rest of Confederation.

I see many cons, and one pro.


We won’t have to send equalization payments to Ottawa.


Outside investment will dry up, and outside companies will pull out. The credit rating for our province will plummet. The reason: instability.

Military? Guess what, all the equipment and the personnel belong to Canada, not Alberta.

Policing, education, health care, etc: no money = no viable institutions. My children require from time to time costly scans, x-rays, and doctors. Those will go away. Doctors and techs don’t work for free.

People think it’s hard to get a pipeline to the coast now? Wait until it has to cross international boundaries without the mechanisms that are in place now within the Confederation.

Every agreement with every single government will have to be renegotiated, leading to years of uncertainty and fiscal drought.

Everyone will need to get passports and to pass through customs in order to visit their family and friends in the rest of Canada.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. The security and entire way of life of Albertans, ie. my kids, will be effected in a damaging way. Why? Some Albertans are having a hissy fit. Their pride and feelings are hurt. Someone insulted them. Do you know what I tell my kids? “Sticks and stones”.

I understand Albertans need jobs. How many new jobs do you think there will be if Alberta separates from Canada? Zero. End of discussion.

Allow cooler heads to deal with issues. Let time change things, renegotiate agreements and issues. As a parent I have come to a realization that emotional decisions are wrong decisions.

Here ends my rant. Have a nice day.

Published by jrdobbin

I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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  1. Could you provide basis for your expert opinions expressed here. Provide historical examples. As I believe you are wrong.


    1. Thank-you for your comment, as it does open dialogue. The beautiful part of having my own blog and writing an opinion piece is that I don’t need to prove anything. I’m not a scholastic with a burning need to prove that I’m the smartest person on Earth. I observe things, and tell it as I see it. If you contest my opinion, then the burden of proof is yours. However, as I see it, instability and uncertainty scare away investment. Look at what happened with the Trans Mountain pipeline. All it took was the courts telling the company to re-do their homework, and the shareholders voted in favour of selling the pipeline. Did investors other than the Canadian government line up to buy it?


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