Tower Garden Update 2

Our Tower Garden with the pots all filled finally.

We’ve finally been able to put our babies in the Tower Garden! Most of the starts are up and some are starting to put out their true leaves. Some of the cells are a little over populated, so we will be thinning later. We just want to wait and see which ones are doing better.

It took a lot of water to fill the bottom portion, but we shouldn’t need to do any complete water changes. We’ll have to check the filter probably monthly as we have hard water here. It was interesting to see that our water sits at a PH of 8. We added some PH- to bring it down around 6. PH testing is another thing we’ll have to do probably monthly as I’m anticipating adding water due to evaporation. Also monthly we’ll probably add the nutrients. I have yet to read that part in the manual.

As an added bonus we now have an ambiance of a small waterfall in our living room.

Here’s the list of what we have going on the tower:

Lettuce – romaine and leafy mix

Swiss Chard


Cherry Tomatoes

Bonny Best Tomatoes

Cucumbers – slicing and Armenian

Peppers – three varieties, not up yet

Sage – not up yet

Basil – not up yet


Chives – not up yet



Beans – not up yet, maybe seeds were too old

Zucchini – yellow and green

Strawberries – not up yet, not on tower

There was one more rock wool cell in the starter kit than there are spots on the tower, so the strawberries are waiting. If they come up and we have something else on the tower not come up, then we’ll switch them out.

If you haven’t read the other posts about our Tower Garden, be sure to go back and read them. Stay tuned for more updates as everything grows!

New Tower Garden

Tower Garden Update

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