New Year’s Tweaks


Happy New Year to all! In and of itself the day means little, the point where the calendar starts again. However, it provides for us an opportunity to consciously think about our lives and reassess ourselves, as well as a convenient marker from which to start. Having resolutions does not mean that you are necessarily unhappy with the state of your life. I enjoy my life now that I’m not striving after a complete reboot. It was those reboots that messed things up. Instead, I am opting for tweaks, patches if you prefer, so here’s mine.

1. Read the Bible and pray more. Yes, we are Christian, and as such we need to go back to the basics. We need to teach our children how we are to live by showing them rather than telling them, and it’s always best to get back in touch with the one who gave His son for us, and show our appreciation for our blessings. A teacher needs to be well versed before stepping into the classroom.

2. We’ve already started eating healthier and exercising more, no need to wait for the new year, but we need to be vigilant against the snacking counterattack. Constantly all we want is to go down the chip aisle at the store and just scoop into the cart. We need better alternatives before we cave.

3. I have some good ones for the kids: obey more, be more respectful, don’t descend into a brawling mass on the living room floor over nothing at all, things like that. They’re kids though, so it might not happen for a few years.

That’s it. If I try to do too much at once I’ll end up doing nothing. Maybe I’ll do some mid-year resolutions, and break things up a little. As I said, tweaks and patches. There’s no need for me to throw out the canvas and start again.

Have a wonderful new year, and good luck with your resolutions.

Published by jrdobbin

I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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