A Kitchen Day

Grocery shopping is always interesting with our kids. We had to go and restock a few things today, mostly produce because we were running low. The first thing Noah (6) does is chase Naomi (2) laughing down the main aisle as you walk into Walmart. We were able to stop Noah pretty quickly, but Naomi kept going. It was the furthest she`s ever gone from us while shopping. She stood almost at the other side of the store having a staring contest with me. When called she just told me matter-of-factly “no“. The attitude on her!

When it was apparent I wasn`t coming to play chase with her, which would have made her dart down a side aisle, she came running back. It was around opening time, so there were very few people, causing me not to worry for her safety, and in addition I know Walmart`s policy when it comes to lost kids. My brother-in-law worked there for a while.

We ended up buying a little more than what had been on the list, but a lot of it was things we knew we would need and were on sale because of boxing week. After Christmas you always need batteries. One thing we bought was a giant cauliflower.

Upon returning home, it was nearing lunch time. We hadn`t really planned for lunch yet, so Rebecca decided to try something new. She made a pizza using the cauliflower, eggs, and a small amount of flour, our first starch of the day. The flour was an afterthought as the cauliflower and eggs were too runny on their own. She then flattened the mixture on a baking sheet and baked the dough for a little before adding the toppings. Instead of pepperoni, she used leftover turkey. Yes, there was cheese and canned pizza sauce, because we need to ease into this new way of eating and introduce the kids, and us, to it gently.

There was enough for 2-3 small pieces each, and to this she added salad. We agreed not to tell the kids about the cauliflower part until they had started eating. Mathias is adventurous with food, but Noah will flat out refuse to try something new if you tell him before hand what it is or what`s in it, except for soup, chili and spaghetti sauce.

Noah liked it well enough to eat one piece. Mathias ate most of his, Isaiah none of it, and Naomi some. The fact that Noah liked it even a little and didn`t just run dramatically to the garbage while clawing at his tongue, which he does a lot, makes us happy. We were able to try something healthier and it turned out well.

My activity while Rebecca was creating was to peel, chop, and bag ten pounds of beets that I got a week ago at a good price. Normally we`d only buy a few for one meal, but at approximately sixty cents a pound you can`t go wrong. They were still firm and not mouldy, so they can`t be that old. Most of the other ten pounds I might get to tomorrow and try my hand at pickling some. Apparently pickled and fermented things are good for gut health and are a big part of the paleo diet. I`ve always been partial to pickled beets, but it`s been a few years since we made some ourselves. Rebecca`s not that big on them.

Now we just need to figure out supper. We have friends coming over, so we need to do something that`s not too new so we don`t end up eating something like peanut butter and jam. It`s happened before, but thankfully not with company coming over.

It`s a kitchen day for the Dobbin clan.

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I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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