Train Wreck

Isaiah's new train set.
Isaiah’s new train set.

Our two year old daughter got her first hair cut…due to a toy train.

The day started off like any other day. Madness, fights, and toys scattered about because it’s Boxing Day. Our youngest son’s new Thomas train set is set up in the living room adding much enjoyment in our home as the two youngest watch the trains go around and around.

The green train is faster and catches up to the blue one quickly, forcing Isaiah to either remove the blue one or watch as both tumble off the raised trestles. Naomi, seeing her older brother picking up trains, decided to give it a try.

In a split second an unstoppable catastrophe occurred. Naomi raised the train, wheels still spinning, to her hairline. The wheels caught her hair, wrapping a clump quickly around the axle, and eliciting a scream from our poor daughter.

By the time the first responders arrived on scene the wheels had stopped moving due to the resistance, and the train rested against her skin. The immediate action was to turn off the train. All attempts to gingerly remove the hair from the axle were met by more screams and the hair could be seen pulling at the scalp.

The decision was made. Cut the hair and save the girl’s scalp and our ears.

It was a traumatic event as we watched our daughter’s beautiful hair being severed from her head, dreading the outcome. We breathed a sigh of relief as the train came away, her skin uncut. Our fears were allayed as we examined the damage.

Only a small tuft is gone, and we will be able to disguise it, but the day will forever be etched into our memories.

Missing some hair.
Missing some hair.

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I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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