Christmas Cookie Decorating

The Dobbin kids' handiwork
The kids’ handiwork.

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve, and all through the house everyone is stirring by 6:00 and some since 4:15. That means that we have lots of time to get chores done and we’ve already decorated cookies, which was supposed to happen later, but the kids saw the box sitting on the counter.

That’s right, a box kit of cookies for decorating. There’s no “from scratch” on this occasion. Rebecca is good at everything baking and decorating, but we just don’t have time today as we have so much planned.

In years past we’ve done the gingerbread house thing. It was hard enough with two kids at the time. Now with four it’s near impossible, given that inevitably one or two will use up all the icing in one giant blob, atop which all the candies and sprinkles will be heaped.

This year it’s two cookies each, a little bit of icing that came with the kit, a pile of sprinkles that we have kicking around the house, and melted chocolate chips for good measure. Noah wanted to decorate marshmallows too, so everyone got a bunch of those. Nothing whatsoever healthy in this activity. The vegetables and fruit will be later in the day, this is about fun, and fun it was for the kids.

By the end of it there were chocolate covered hands, sprinkles everywhere, and shirts needing to be changed (which they had just put clean ones one). The sugar high will kick in shortly as they all had to sample their work at the end.

One thing we learned, or rather had confirmed, is that Noah is going to be a baker. He’s always telling Rebecca that when he grows up he’s going to live next door and bake for her everyday. I believe him, because the care with which he decorated his marshmallows demonstrated his love of preparing food.

Throughout the whole thing there was none of the chaos of years past, and we now have another happy memory for us to look back on in triumph.

Merry Christmas!

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