Turn the Crazy Down

Mathias, Noah, Isaiah, Naomi in a kid pile.
The kids in a kid pile.

Controlled mayhem, that’s what we’re going for here. It’s not so much what we’re going for, it’s more just what happens. We are not hover parents by any means, nor are we authoritarian dictators. We are somewhere in between. Now I’d like to say there is a happy middle ground, but there is nothing happy about having a headache and having to mediate wrestling matches, taking one kid’s side just to realize you had the facts all wrong. Just as you smooth out that drama the other two flank you like raptors and start beating on each other.

So many TV personalities and bloggers make it seem so easy to keep things calm around the home and everything is so peaceful in their families. Then you realize that those people are not actually around their children all the time, and they have one, maybe two children.

I know what you’re thinking, “you did it to yourself having four children”. Let’s get this straight, I love my children, and would die for them, but sometimes I wish there was an “off” or “mute” button for them.

There is no real control in a house full of children. There is the temporary lull in the battle until the next rounds are fired. We use this time to clear the casualties and regroup, taking stock of our remaining resources before moving out to engage the next offensive. Sometimes the casualties are real, and other times they are just hurt feelings.

Other times they are self inflicted, like the time Isaiah, my third son, decided to test the hardness of the counter top while racing his little sister from one end of the house to the other. Now, I am all for physical activity, especially in the middle of an Alberta winter, but it is so much safer for them to be watching their shows. It’s quieter too, and I actually get to do some dishes and laundry before those tasks re-spawn like the never ending magazines in the video games the kids play.

That’s right, we’re not anti-electronics parents. We like snatching some peacefulness from time to time. It keeps the kids alive and our relationship intact, so bring on the video games!

Published by jrdobbin

I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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