Cleaning? Ha! You know that feeling when you spent the day doing dishes and laundry, cleaning counters, two washrooms, vacuuming upstairs and down, disinfecting video game controllers and tablets, mopping, and preparing meals, just for your two year old to throw food around and laugh because she knows she’s cute? You’ve been there haven’t you. It’s cute the first time.

Naomi climbing into the toy box.
Naomi prepares to unleash the crazy.

When I was the one who worked outside the home I always wondered why there was such a mess when I came home at the end of the day. I mean, my wife would text me saying she had just finished cleaning and getting groceries and taking the kids to the Parent Link Centre all by lunch time. I would come home and there was a pile of toys and clothes where once there had been a living room. Supper would be chicken nuggets and two types of boiled veggies done in one pot. Dishes were piled in the sink and still on the stove and table. My wife would call a greeting from the living room where she was holding a sleeping six month old. What did she do all day?

Then I became a stay at home dad. Some days I just give up. That’s it, I’m out!

When I go back to working outside the home in the near future I will endeavour to be more understanding, as I hope any of you who work outside the home are understanding of your significant other. The speed with which a child can decimate a spotless home is astounding. With every child it’s like the combat multipliers in video games, and it doesn’t go by X1, oh no, it goes by 10’s.

I don’t care so much anymore about having a perfectly clean house all the time. As Rebecca says, “as long as we have the basics”, and “it might not always be tidy, but at least it’s clean”. My wife is so wise.

As the Bible says “Without oxen a stable stays clean” (Prov 14:4 NLT). I want my stable to be messy for as long as possible. The exception being when the oxen graduate high school, then my job is done and they can go get their own stables.

Published by jrdobbin

I am a father of four, married for eight years. I live and play in Alberta, Canada.

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