New Tower Garden

Mathias modeling the new Tower Garden.
Mathias modeling the new Tower Garden

Our Tower Garden arrived! When I first saw the boxes I figured it would be heavy, but not even the base was really heavy. It arrived in four boxes ten days after we ordered it.

I could have opted to watch YouTube and try to build one from scratch, but if there is one thing I have learned over the last couple of years it is that I am not that handy. Woodworking is one thing, and I am still a beginner there even, but trying to piece together a design, decide on and gather materials, then cut and build until something completely ghetto appears in my house that will probably not work anyway, that is beyond my abilities. This was faster and easier, albeit a nice chunk of change. Quick and easy are important when you have a busy household.

Before I ordered it I ran the math on how much we spend on food that we would save by getting a Tower Garden, and given that we are making a switch to more of a fresh, plant based diet, it makes sense to grow our own year-round. By my math, this tower garden will pay itself off in 6-9 months, even having opted for some of the add-ons such as the support cage for tomatoes and other vines and the light kit for indoor growing. If you consider a Tower Garden, remember that your math will differ based on your family’s consumption rate and add-ons. The lights are LED, so the cost on your electricity is negligible. Otherwise the recurring costs will be the water and the nutrients and starter cells. Seed costs are negligible.

Before we put the tower together we started the seeds in the seed starter kit, which are rock wool cells as the tower is hydroponic. There is no point in filling the tower with water and plugging in the lights before the plants are growing. The set up was simple for the tower itself, and once the plants are started, you just need to separate the cells, place them in the net pots which you then place in the slots on the tower, and away you go. There is no mess of soil, and no trying to figure out the spacing, they did that for you. Everything is ready to use with simple instructions. It even came with some seeds, although we have a big box of leftover seeds from previous years of gardening so we’ll be growing more than just what came with the tower.

I will be posting again when the tower is producing to let you know how long it took and after that I’ll let you know what works best, and some of our favourite things from the Tower.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if you have a cat it will eat your plants, and babies will be attracted to it like moths to a light, so come up with a plan before you put a lot of energy into your Tower Garden.

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