Welcome to Life of Dobbins where I will share our life and thoughts with you. Parenting is fun and rewarding for those who put the time and effort into it, and I want to share some of my experience with you. True, I’m just another Canadian with no PhD, MD, BA or any other combination of letters after my name, but maybe that will be something I do some day. First I need to figure out this parenting thing. You’ll see how that disaster goes, but my kids have survived so far. I call that a win.
Everything I post will have something to do with being a parent, even if I delve into the murky, piranha infested waters of politics, economy, or the environment. Let’s face it, everything I care about and everything I believe in will some how effect, or be passed down to, my children. I just hope I don’t mess them up too much.
As for my family, my wife’s name is Rebecca, and she is a wonderful person who has kindly not killed me yet after eight years of marriage. She has been supportive of my shenanigans over the years, one of my problems being that I do a lot of things by whim, unless I end up being too lazy to act on my whims. She has borne, and cared for, four children: Mathias (7), Noah (6), Isaiah (3), and Naomi (2). You will get to know them as we go.
Life with this bunch is not boring to say the least. Rebecca and the children are always pushing me out of my comfort zone, and I can’t say I dislike it too much. I love my family, and I enjoy spending my time with them, hoping that I can prepare my children for adult life and my wife for retired life with me around.
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